Why has my NanoBond pan discolored?

The discoloration that you are experiencing is normal and very easy to remove.  It's actually not oxidation but a food film caused by a combination of heat, oil and minerals from the food that you cook.  This film appears on stainless steel pans as well but it's not obvious due to the silver color.  Our NanoBond technology protects the stainless steel from permanent stains or tarnishing by creating a dense, impenetrable layer.  When the technology is working, you may experience temporary discoloration/bluing on the surface of the pan which can be easily removed with a cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend or Hestan Professional Cleaner and a non-scratch Scotch Brite pad.

  • After cooking, let the pan cool down. Use warm soapy water with a fine Scotch Brite sponge. The pan will clean easily. Rinse and dry immediately.
  • When the pan is discolored, pour a few drops of a soft cleanser such as Bar Keeper's Friend.  For the ultimate cleaning and polishing, we recommend the Hestan Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner and scrub with a soft scrub sponge.  Alternatively, you can use a few drops of lemon juice or a few drops of vinegar to remove the discoloration.  Rinse and dry immediately.
  • Do not use dry abrasive scouring powder, dry steel wool or sharp tip to directly rub the surface, as it may mar the surface.

With proper cleaning you can easily restore the original Titanium Brilliance.  NanoBond was designed to provide superior cooking performance and lasting beauty - unlike standard stainless steel cookware.  Please view our cleaning tips video for more information on how to care for your NanoBond cookware.

Below is an example of a NanoBond pan which has this bluing effect and the results after cleaning with the recommended cleaners: